My Biography

a little bit about me

I am native of North Carolina currently residing in Virginia. Growing up in a single parent household, being the youngest of four many times all I had was my thoughts and imagination. Every voice around me was always much louder than mine. I would have never dreamed that the very thoughts I was burdened by and wanted to escape from would usher me into my vivid reality. The former bottled up thoughts but now explosive reality has helped me earn my place in society. Becoming the first one in my immediate family to graduate from a University and even greater; one of the top rated HBCU’s—North Carolina A&T State University. Receiving a BA in Sociology which positioned me towards my goals in working in the human service field. Currently, I am furthering my education at Norfolk State University enrolled as a MSW (Masters in Social Work) student. Although challenging, it increases my motivation for wanting to contribute to necessary changes that need to be implemented in my community.

My passion is in people. I take pride in being a voice for them, as they learn how to confidently use their own voices. I utilize my academic backing to instill NASW’s (National Association of Social Worker’s) values in my work. I implement values of service, integrity, competence and dignity and worth of all individuals. Additionally, I incorporate my own personal values of creativity, freedom, and togetherness. I demonstrate this daily by being hands on in my commitments to promoting overall well-being and providing service to all demographic backgrounds. As a part-time QMHP (Qualified Mental Health Professional), I work with individuals battling with various mental health diagnoses. I prioritize pushing them to their highest level of potential through use of a wide range of therapeutic skills and interventions. With over 3+ years experience, I specialize in MHSB (Mental Health Skill Building) working with adults ages 18+ and IIHS (Intensive In Home Services) working with children ages 6+. I also have experience with other vulnerable populations including individuals with intellectual disabilities.

I would like to utilize this platform as an all-inclusive community. This is an extension of myself to those universally who have a desire to be all things they want to be. It is my goal to do something for the world that I would have never imagined being possible as a voiceless but visionary child. That is to prove there’s power in perception, power in people, and power in thoughts that can lead to unlimited innovation. I plan to do this by modeling and molding this concept through my actions of building resources, environments and projects.