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Hi, I'm Kayjeanna Harris.

I am a passionate creator which is what some may like to call an overthinker. Thankfully my overthinking has allowed me to grow into an overachiever. My definition of the word “create” is to envision and embody the art of the mind. I am excited to find out what creativity looks, sounds, and feels like to you!

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My Bio

I am native of North Carolina currently residing in Virginia. Growing up in a single parent household, being the youngest of four many times all I had was my thoughts and imagination. Every voice around me was always much louder than mine. I would have never dreamed that the very thoughts I was burdened by and wanted to escape from would usher me into my vivid reality. The former bottled up thoughts but now explosive reality has helped me earn my place in society. Becoming the first one in my immediate family to graduate from a University and even greater; one of the top rated HBCU’s—North Carolina A&T State University. Receiving a BA in Sociology which positioned me towards my goals in working in the human service field. Currently, I am furthering my education at Norfolk State University enrolled as a MSW (Masters in Social Work) student. Although challenging, it increases my motivation for wanting to contribute to necessary changes that need to be implemented in my community.

why youcreateher was founded


Our Vision

When people begin to gravitate towards youcreateher, they will also begin to live by the mantra perception, innovation, and creation. Overall perspectives of life will shift in a more positive direction. Triggering brighter thoughts that promote creativity and a greater level of confidence. Confidence so convincing, that it will challenge one to commit to themselves.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help transform lives one consultation and one creation at a time.

Founding Purposes

Youcreateher was developed solely because I wanted to begin to place my values into perspective and no longer allow my perspective to prohibit my values. I wanted a space I could turn my ongoing thoughts into forms of art, that can be experienced by world. I wanted to display art in a different form and that is the art of the mind. We can never control the things around us but we can create different responses. Despite adversities, the one thing we all have in common is the freedom of BEING. In that being we get to decide what it means. I’ve decided that it means being whoever I want to be. You can decide that to, simply if you believe YOUCREATEHER.

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Get Inspired

current project

KJ’s Kitchen Khronicles

This ministry launched on February 14, 2022 and is geared towards serving the less fortunate in Hampton Roads community. Free and freshly made home-cooked meals are served in various locations monthly, to help ensure no one goes hungry.

upcoming project

P.A.W by Law (Phenomenally A Woman by Law)

This is a sisterhood geared towards helping adolescent girls support one another in discovering their purposes. Classes and community activities will be conducted to achieve this goal.

consultation services

Get Innovative

We look forward to assisting you in meeting your personal and/or professional goals. To get started with the consulting process an initial 45-minute extended Discovery Consultation or 15-minute flash Single-Service Survey Consultation is required before being able to book any other consultation service. Youcreateher prioritizes personalized experiences, so these required consultations are a part of our efforts to develop insight on clients needs and establish rapport prior to working directly with each of them to reach their unique goals.


Get In Touch

If qualified Youcreateher has volunteer opportunities as well as paid opportunities available. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in becoming involved with any current project or inquiring about involvement in an upcoming project. All other inquires can be addressed using the contact information below as well.